Wall Painting

Krishna and gopis Wall painting has been a feature of India even before it had any organized civilization as such. Human beings felt the uncontrollable urge of expressing their feelings, emotions, fears, hopes, imaginations and observations, and they articulated all these through the non-verbal art of painting. Before the emergence of formal schools and art gurus, primitive men painted their cave walls with natural colors derived from a variety of materials. Simple linear figures of men and animals,

sun and moon, trees and birds gave way to depictions of men in the act of hunting, warring, traveling, etc.

From being representation of men and his world, they slowly started articulating their religious beliefs, faiths and fears. The cave paintings of Bhimbetka, the murals of Ajanta and Ellora, etc, stand for the ancient wall painting traditions in India. From an effort of expression, wall painting culminated in ritualistic practices of Indian religious and social life. .The folk art paintings like Madhubani paintings, Warli paintings, Saura paintings etc are some of the genres derived from Indian wall painting trends. The art of wall painting has eventually seeped into other mediums such as handmade paper, paper mache products and other materials. Due to their beauty and thematic significance, these are also much sought after home décor products. Craft in India has an impressive collection of such beautiful Indian paintings that would make your world testify to the rich legacy of Indian wall paintings.

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Explore the colors and images of incredible India at this rare online gallery of Indian Paintings, consisting magnificent Madhubani paintings, mysterious Warli paintings, Patachitras, Tribal Paintings, Thangka Paintings and also contemporary Indian art paintings.