Civil War Chess Set

Chess Set Civil War Chess sets are a special type of themed chess sets that relive the memory of the American civil war. They often come with highly detailed figurines as chess pieces that provide a glimpse of the many aspects of the American Civil War. The chess pieces represent the armies of the North and the South, showcasing with great authenticity of detail the major figures, both presidential and military, of major turning points in American history.

Lincoln versus Jefferson Davis, Grant versus Lee-usually, the union soldiers are in blue against the confederate troops in gray. People who are passionate about the game of chess are often equally passionate about decorative Chess sets. For them, chess sets are something much more than a requisite to play a game of chess.

They are an obsession and a point of pride. Not only do they want to conquer the opponent with their special moves on the chessboard, but also outshine them with the glory of owning a unique decorative chess set. There are people who have a complete collection of unique, decorative and antique chess sets collected from the distant corners of the country. A good decorative chess set not only sets the mood of the game, but also carries the charm appropriate to this game of antiquity. They are deal for an engrossing game of chess and when not in use, can be put on display as a rare collectible. The civil war chess sets are such unique collectible chess sets that are valued for their heritage and beauty.

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