Toy Story Woody Doll

Village Hut Crafts in India has an impressive collection of copper sculptures.Woody Doll is a fictional character from the animated feature length film 'Toy Story' released by Walt Disney in the year 1995. Toy story was Disney's first venture into a completely animated full-length feature film, and also the very first completely computer animated feature in history. The characters are the toys in the collection of a six-year-old boy called Andy and the story is told mostly from their point of view.

Woody happens to be an old-fashioned sheriff rag doll. He is Andy's favorite toy and the leader of the toys. Woody has a special place in Andy's bed, but he soon loses it to another toy - Buzz Lightyear action figure. Woody is jealous of Buzz as he has taken all his privileges, and also irritated at the fact that Buzz does not know he is a toy. There occurs a bitter conflict among them ending up in a situation where the only way out for them is to work together. The character of Woody has inspired a number of Wild West themed merchandise including the Woody Doll - a loose limbed toy with a pull string at his back that plays several of Woody's favorite dialogues. Woody doll generally remains inactive and limp whenever people are around, but springs into action in the exclusive presence of other toys and dolls. His girlfriend is a little Bo Peep Doll called Bo, and his rival Buzz slowly becomes his best friend. Toy story Woody doll is a hot favorite of children all over the world.

Like Toy Story Woody Doll, plenty of other toys and dolls have been inspired by fiction, mythology, religion and folklores. People have molded their imagination in the shape of various toys and dolls, and playing with them children have learnt the mores of life and culture. Along with modern day Barbie and Toy Story Woody Dolls, these traditional toys and dolls also fascinate children. You can browse through some of these fascinating toys and dolls at Crafts in India. Bridging the gap of time and space, these handmade toys and dolls will surely entice you. So - go ahead and explore some of them!

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