Beaded Jewelry Artisan

kundan-meenakari-bangle Making beaded jewelry is a specialized craft. The craft of beaded jewelry making is the casting of a lump of stone, clay, metal, wood, glass etc. in to the desired shape and design which is further used in the jewelry. Beaded Jewelry artist has to do a lot of intricate work to make the bead beautiful and attractive because if the beads are good the jewelry will automatically look good.


In India, the profession of making bead and jewelry can be traced to the Indus Valley civilization. There were several centers of bead making during Indus Valley civilization like Lothal, Chanhudaro and Surkotda. At that time also beaded jewelry artists used the materials like carnelian, jasper, pearl, silver and gold. Such a long tradition of making beaded jewelery in India has also helped in the evolution of the beaded jewelry art to great heights. The craftsmen and artists have consistently innovated new techniques and ideas for the proliferation of beaded jewelry art making.

platform where you may find beautifully designed and handcrafted beaded jewelry made by the skilled artisans. Here, you will get beaded jewelry crafted in traditional as well as contemporary style. Select from an array of beaded jewelry products like necklaces, earrings, pendants, bangles, nose rings, bracelets etc. In all these ornaments you will find the wonderful beaded work.

In India different kind of beaded jewelry have their own unique cultural significance. Rudraksha beads have religious and spiritual significance. Jai Johnson, Damita Crouse, Mariam Abdul Karim, Morgan Starchild, Magdalena, Rena Munoz, Sheryl Hamilton and Nancy Laverty are some well-known beaded jewelry artists.

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