Garden Sculpture

Wooden Ganesh Painted sculptures are the ornaments that adorn and complement the beautiful petals and leaves of a garden. They are perhaps the reminders of the Paradisiacal past of man in the Garden of Eden. His foot felt the soft, green leaves, his hands touched the leafy branches, and all his senses cherished the fragrant blossoms of nature. Man has moved off into the confines of his home, and as a memoir of the golden times, has left some decorative statues amidst their lovely gardens.

The 'Gods of Antiquity' are predominant in the history of western garden sculpture.The New Sculpture of the late nineteenth century was concerned with the representation of ideas, and was well suited to outdoor display. Modern garden sculpture makes use of a variety of materials like fiberglass and wood

Colored fiberglass tends to fade and is gradually decayed by ultraviolet light. Wood is a natural material for outdoor use. It must be expected to change and decay, but this can be regarded as part of the sculpture's nature. Mild steel is prone to rust unless it is painted or galvanized. Stainless steel, if it is of the best quality, will retain its high polish indefinitely. Ceramic sculpture is extremely durable. Fresh materials can certainly be placed in gardens. Along with the variety in materials, designs and patterns have also changed in a dynamic manner over time and place.

In India, beaded jewelry has its own cultural significance. Rudraksha beads have religious and spiritual significance, while Tulsi beaded necklace is worn for health. Gemstone beads are potent in spiritual, mental and physical betterment, while mangalsutra - a necklace of black beads is symbolic of marriage. Thus, beaded jewelry is special in its beauty and impact.

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