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 Bed Spread Crafts in India has an array of decorative bedspreads on sale. All our bed spreads are handcrafted by traditional Indian artists. They are available in a variety of materials, starting from cotton to satin and silk. Being procured from the hands that make them, these bedspreads promise the finest of qualities. Our bedspread catalogue includes a variety of designs, patterns, colors and sizes to suit all your requirements.

Handmade block prints, patchwork, quilted, Beaded Jewelry has a rich tradition in Africa. Beads have become powerful elements of expression and articulation in African life. Their use offers insight into hundreds of diverse cultures. Ornament literally is used to delineate the unique identity of each culture For example, the jewelry worn by East Africa's Masai and Samburu people incorporates specific and different patterns, forms, and shapes. But both use the same basic building blocks: tiny glass or porcelain beads. In India, beaded jewelry has its own cultural significance. Rudraksha beads have religious and spiritual significance, while Tulsi beaded necklace is worn for health. Gemstone beads are potent in spiritual, mental and physical betterment, while mangalsutra – a necklace of black beads is symbolic of marriage. Thus, beaded jewelry is special in its beauty and impact.

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