Commercial Carpets – Adding Color to the Official Decor


Carpets are traditional floor coverings that are handcrafted on various kinds of materials like that of wool silk and jute. There are different kinds of patterns and motifs that are woven on them to give it the look of one of the most elegant pieces of handicraft in the world.

Uses of Carpets

There are various ways that a carpet may be put to use. Traditionally it has served the purpose of an elegant floor covering to enhance the beauty of a home or any other place. It also adds to the comfort of a habitat. There are also times when a smaller carpet may have been put up as an elegant wall hanging. People living in Muslim countries are often known to use expensive smaller carpets as a seating on the floor for their daily prayers.

Commercial Carpets

In the modern world carpets are often used more as the luxury ingredient for commercial purposes. There are several newer varieties of materials on which they are woven with the help of modern technology to produce long lasting carpets for the use in commercial places. The patterns and motifs of these carpets are also varied and do not conform to traditions.

Types of Commercial Carpets

Commercial carpets are used in places that are usually centers of hectic professional or educational activity. They are necessarily added to the décor to augment the richness and grandeur of the interiors. However it is also in keeping with the professional look of the place that doesn’t allow too many colors or richness of embroidery. The materials with which commercial carpets are made are not always the traditional natural fabrics like silk or wool. There are several synthetic fabrics that are industrially produced for the manufacture of commercial carpets. There are more of textures in the fabrics that make them elegant than intricate embroideries with a variety of colored threads.

  • Polyester – This is widely used in the production of commercial carpets. It is competitive in price and also comes with workable properties that make it stain resistant.
  • Polypropylene – This is a polymer that is used in the making of commercial carpets. The main benefit of this is its cost affordability. However it helps in the making of different styles of commercial carpets. It is also easy to clean and can be glued directly to the surface. It is suitable for places that see a lot of footfall.
  • Nylon – This is the most popular among synthetic fabrics. It can be dyed easily as well as printed. However since its petroleum based fabric price changes occur due to changes in oil prices.
  • Blended Wool Yarns – Natural wool is very durable and this feature increases along with other benefits when it is blended with synthetic fibers like nylon. It is easily dyed and is also durable.

Uses of Commercial Carpets

Some of the places where such commercial uses of carpets are seen are as follows.

  • Airports
  • Multinational Corporate Offices
  • Educational Institutions
  • Hospitals and Research Institutes
  • Hotels Resorts and Restaurants
  • Government Buildings
  • Retail Outlets and Specialist Boutiques
  • Exhibition Centers
  • Venues for Conference and Meetings
Indian Kurti
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