Tribal Arts

Camel Bone Jewelry Tribal arts convey what is intrinsic to basic humanity - its archetypal images, symbolism and beliefs combined with characteristics of distinctive of tribes and ethnicities. From an instinctive urge to express, to please, to appease - ancient men found their way the world of art. Cave paintings, murals, sculptures, toys and dolls and other handicrafts - gave vent to human emotions and gradually became much more than just an expressive vehicle.

Several tribal arts originated as a part of religious rituals, social ceremonies and daily chores of people's lives. As civilizations went on arguing about the supposed opposition and utilitarian value of mimetic art and imagination, realism and emotion - tribal societies continued living life in their primordial ways. .

Their lives, as well as their arts, have changed very little over the millions of years that have seen their dawn and development. However, far from being a cultural relic forgotten in antiquity, tribal art is a thriving force - full of vivacious energy. Especially, after the crafts revolution of the sixties, tribal art has gained significantly in terms of international significance and adulation.

Crafts in India has an impressive collection of tribal art, tribal jewelry and tribal painting for you to experience some of the colors and diversity of tribal art. You can visit our online gallery - browse and buy ethnic tribal art, authentic and beautiful, at the same time.

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