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Handmade Bird Toy Crafts in India has an impressive collection of copper sculptures. Hop, Skip and Jump to Crafts in India to grab the very best of Indian toys and dolls. We have a great collection of handmade toys and dolls to make you laugh, let you play and get your heart wanting for more. Wonderful toy birds, sets of dolls depicting the gods and goddesses of India, a humble village hut, a laden toy cart, dancing dolls with nodding heads, and more are there to make you feel the pulse of

India as expressed in its toys and dolls. For the kiddies - you can get wooden pull toys, toy trains, tic-tac-toe game - they would surely love these toys. And the amazing handmade puppets from Rajasthan - they are just splendid! For ages, India has recreated itself in its beautiful toys and dolls. Much more than being just playthings, Indian toys and dolls are the repositories of ancient wisdom, social mores, myths and legends. It is while playing with these toys and dolls that children learn the ways of the world. Presently, these handmade toys and dolls are not only kids' stuff, but also preferred as gifts and collectibles. So - what are you waiting for? Come and be a part of the magical world of toys and dolls.

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