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handmade candle Your home décor idea should show the person you are. It always feels nice to walk into a room and get the feeling that you already know the person. Home décor idea is one of the things that precisely point out the real person hidden deep beneath the skin. The easiest way to hit upon the right home décor idea is to delve deep inside your own personality. Think about the things you like, think about the things you'd like to have around you -

have your home decorated according to your own choice and that is the best home décor idea you can have. Always remember - you are the person who's going to spend maximum time, love and live in your home. So - your home décor should satisfy yourself first, and then automatically, your guests and visitors would like it.

As for your home décor idea - you can use a special collection of artifacts and handicrafts - given you have a real liking for them. Collect things that have special meaning to you, such as statues and sculptures, paintings, wall hangings, decoratives , handmade candles , vases , photo frames and other such things that fascinate you or remind you of some special moments, arouse some special feelings inside. Using them as home décor is a good idea since they would keep you happy and smiling, and also add a touch of yourself to your surroundings. Arrange your furniture, lighting and fabric colors and texture according to the look and feel of your interiors. You can also think of a theme for your room - ethnic, young, sporty, modern, contemporary, academic . options can be endless. Gather together things that will reinforce the theme and decorate the whole room. Using your travel souvenirs is a good home décor idea. If you have a creative bent of mind - you can also experiment with some personal art displayed as a part of your home decoration. The key to a beautiful home that pleases you as well as your guests, is to know yourself well and come up with a home décor idea that speaks of you in the most ardent manner. Plan ahead and gather things together. Work methodically and you'd end up having a very beautiful, cozy and appreciable home..

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