Antique toys and dolls

Antique toys and dollsAntique toys and dolls’ is not an example of an oxymoron! Toys and dolls are not only the playthings for your little boy or sweet girlie baby – they are also famous and collectibles. Toys and dolls from olden days or far off lands are collected for their exotic charm and legendary value. Mankind has always tried to recreate the world through their handicrafts and artifacts. Toys and dolls made of clay, wood, stones etc have been unearthed from almost all the early civilizations around the world.


Figures of animals, human beings, folklore characters, gods and goddesses, pull toys, toy cart, trains, and string puppets were made from the early days of human civilization. These antique toys and dolls were much more than just entertainment. They were the repositories of custom, tradition, ancient wisdom, myths and beliefs – and in short – represented a slice of life. Different societies have crafted different kinds of toys and dolls. Wars, marriages, journeys, fables and fairies were recreated as toys and dolls – although the style and material varied from society to society. From Africa to India – antique toys and dolls have a story to tell. It only takes the inquisitive mind, a retentive brain and an imaginative person to hear the stories told by antique toys and dolls.

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