Handmade Candels

African Beaded Jewelry It was way back in 3000 B.C. that Egyptians and Cretans made candles for first time. In that time and for a longtime ahead candles were used for the purpose of lighting only. In eighteenth century after the discovery of kerosene the usage of candle for lighting purpose reduced significantly. In modern times Candles got a new and attractive orientation. Now they are used for decorative purposes beside limited lighting purposes.

To make candles beautiful, aromatic and enamoring some crafty hands are required. Crafts in India presents you a vivid display of bewitching handmade candles. These superb pieces of handmade candles can add glory to your room and fill it with enchanting aroma.

The arrangement of colors is wonderfully done and designs carved on them are splendiferous. Our online store introduces you with several beautiful ranges of handmade candles. You can pick from floral candles , tea light candles , sunflower candles , handmade candle gift set , scented candles, wax candles, handmade terracotta candles , aromatherapy candles , cedar wood candles , lamp candles and many more. Not only that aroma candles capture many more fragrances like rose , orange, sandal, jasmine, lemon and lotus. These handmade candles are spectacularly designed to soothe your mind and heart. Handmade bee wax and wax from other perfume natural oils is used as material in these candles. It's some thing that captivates the mind of the onlooker. So grab these beautiful specimens of Indian handicraft through our store and own the glory. Moreover you can avail these fine pieces as wholesale on handy discounts.

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