Buddha Statues

Budha Sculpture

9x6x4 inches;


Buddha statues are found in various positions such as Buddha in a sitting posture, meditating. There are Buddha statues that depict Him on a lotus blossom that symbolizes his achievement of self realization. The Abhaymudra posture depicts Buddha overcome fear while Bumisparsa mudra depicts his faith in Earth and humankind. The reclining posture symbolizes the end of his journey on Earth.

Buddha statues are carved out of several materials such as ceramic and porcelain which are commonly used in making Chinese Buddhist statues. Each of them has a special look and appearance in different shades. Some other common materials used to make Buddha statues include metal. There are plenty of Buddha statues that are made of brass that resembles a shiny gold color and copper. Bronze, gold and granite, etc are some other popular metals. The other materials used for making the statues are sandstone, wood such as rosewood and mango wood and resin which is painted in dark colors.

Buddha StatuesThe laughing Buddha apart from the other Buddhist statues is believed to be a lucky charm and a source of inner happiness. Some of the common Buddha statues are those of black sandstone in meditation in Japanese style of art, white Buddha statue in polystone, resin Japanese Buddha statue in meditation, etc.

The Medicine Buddha is a significant part of Buddhist statues that depicts a myrobalan plant in his left hand that helps in healing physical and mental diseases while in his right hand is in a mudra of giving.

Thai Buddha Statues are also very popular and these depict the phase in Buddha's life when he was out in his quest for enlightenment.

There are several handicrafts boutiques and exhibitions around the country where one can find Buddha statues and antique pieces of Buddha figures and statues. They are not just of spiritual importance but also bring an aesthetic beauty to the space that we inhabit.

To have a Buddhist statue at home or workplace or any other institution of public area, is significant. It is considered to bring in good vibes. The Buddha statues inspire human beings to achieve peace, happiness and self realization.

Bronze Buddha Statues

The symbol of Buddha holds many meanings. It is a way to connect to the divinity in all living things. Bronze Buddha Statues conveys the calm feelings that reflect ones proper mental discipline. It helps control over negative thoughts.

Bronze Buddha Statues golden hue is mesmerizing. It fills serenity and tranquility in the heart and soul. The sheen of Bronze Ganesha statues make sit suitable to keep it in the temples, inside the house and various art places.

Laughing Buddha Statues

Laughing Buddha is referred to non-Buddhists Chinese monk named Ho Tai. He is also called the Happy Buddha. There are many who believe he is an incarnation of a Buddha who will appear in the future and will be a bodhisattva.

Laughing Buddha statues are a representation of contentment and abundance. Statues of Laughing Buddha are seen smiling or laughing with bulging pot-belly. Its statues can be seen gracing many temples, restaurants and business. Laughing Buddha statues are considered very auspicious and make a very good gift item during birthdays and social gathering. They are placed in the house to bring in the prosperity and good luck.

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