Copper Sculpture

Antique Beaded Jewelry Crafts in India has an impressive collection of copper sculptures. These sculptures are crafted by master craftsmen from different parts of the country.They use their hereditary knowledge and acquired skill, innate imagination and taste of beauty in sculpting these wonderful works of art. The story of Indian art and sculpture dates back to antiquity. The Indus valley civilization of the 2nd and 3rd millennium BC has its roots. Minuscule terra-cotta seals discovered from the valley

reveal carvings of deities and animals. The people of the civilization worshiped these elemental shapes of stones or seals.

The next golden chapter of Indian sculpture opens in the 3rd century BC with the rise and spread of Buddhism. The 4th, 5th and 6th centuries AD witnessed a tremendous resurgence of Hinduism, as it became the official religion of the Gupta Empire. Thus, this era was also marked by the emergence of innumerable images of popular Hindu deities . Images of Vishnu, Shiva , Krishna , Ganesha , the Sun-God and goddess Durga evolved in this period. Along with wood and clay, various kinds of materials and stones were also used in these famous Indian sculptures. Copper is widely used in Indian Sculptures. Buddha statues, Ganesha statues, statues of other Indian deities are widely carved out of copper. Crafts in India has collected some of these precious jewels from artistic India.

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