Kuchipudi Indian Classical Dance

Kuchipudi is an Indian classical dance that has its roots in a humble little village of the same name, situated in the Krishna district of Andhra Pradesh, India. For centuries, the village of Kuchipudi had a rich cultural halo around it. The whole neighbourhood of the village was filled with a flavour and spirit of art. Patron Kings, talented composers, prosperous ports - everything contributed to the growth of the dance form.


There are many interesting legends regarding the origin of the dance form. The most popular of them is the legend of Sidhendra Yogi. According to the legend, in the 13th century, there was a young man named Siddhappa whose marriage was arranged to a beautiful girl. Unfortunately while crossing the river to attend his wedding his boat was on the verge of being drowned.

promised to dedicate his life to the service of God. Amazingly, he was saved, and on that day, he was "re-born" as Siddhendra Yogi. He wrote a drama in praise of Krishna and gathered dancers to perform the same. These dancers were all male as he felt the inclusion of females might lead to the decadence of the art.

This style, which had its origins in the Bhagavata Mela Natakam or dance drama tradition, has come to be known as the Kuchipudi dance style today. How it came to nurtured by the village of Kuchipudi is again another story. It so happened that a group of Brahmins performed Kuchipudi at the court of the Nawab of Golkunda, Abul Hassan, in 1678.

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