Contemporary Indian Modern Painting

Antique Beaded Jewelry The root of contemporary Indian modern painting lies in antiquity. From the ancient Indian cave paintings to the tribal paintings , from Miniatures to Madhubani , from Raja Ravi Verma to Rabindranath Tagore . the rich heritage of Indian paintings has cast its powerful impression on the mind and art of modern, contemporary Indian artists Indian painting breathed a whole new life

in the 19th and 20th century and the main proponent of this renaissance was Raja Ravi Verma.

Modern Indian contemporary painting is like an interconnected flow of various styles and movements: inspired from the Western academic custom of Raja Ravi Verma, to the indigenous and Asian-inspired art of the Bengal School, from Rabindranath Tagore's imagery, to that of Ramkinker Vaij, reflecting the forms of nature; from the art of Amrita Sher-Gill and F N Souza that was inspired by European Modernism, to that of KCS Panikaer that seeks a deeper link with traditional crafts and philosophy; from the socially responsible art of Somnath Hore, Sudhir Patwardhan and others to M F Husain and K G Subramanyan who differently reveal the universality of folk-tribal-urban gamut.

The rare aesthetic blend of all these trends and traditions has given rise to the contemporary Indian modern paintings, reflected in the works of Jogen Chowdhury, Satish Gujral, M F Husain, Bhupen Khakhar, Krishen Khanna, Gieve Patel, Ganesh Pyne, G m Sheikh, J Swaminathan and others.

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Explore the colors and images of incredible India at this rare online gallery of Indian Paintings, consisting magnificent Madhubani paintings, mysterious Warli paintings, Patachitras, Tribal Paintings, Thangka Paintings and also contemporary Indian art paintings.