Indian Horse Painting

Royal Horses The story of Indian painting is as old and varied as the land itself. Styles, themes, techniques and materials of painting vary with time and place. From ancient etching on cave walls to the wall paintings of rural India, from palm leaf painting to cloth painting, from intricate Miniatures to monochoramtic Warli paintings - the variety of India paintings is almost endless. Themes too range from religious to secular, portraying the various facets of Indian society, its beliefs, myths,

religions, culture and evolution.

Natural themes, however, have been an immortal characteristic of Indian paintings. Trees, leaves, birds and animals have symbolic significance in Indian imagination. Especially, horses have been rendered in Indian painting in different ages, by various artists, using different styles. Perhaps, because of their vibrancy and force, Indian horse paintings are a particular favorite of artists and admirers.

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Explore the colors and images of incredible India at this rare online gallery of Indian Paintings, consisting magnificent Madhubani paintings, mysterious Warli paintings, Patachitras, Tribal Paintings, Thangka Paintings and also contemporary Indian art paintings.