Bronze Sculptures

Sculptures India are something you cannot do without when you think of decorating your home, garden, office or adding to your personal collection. India has had a rich tradition of sculptures that dates back to the ancient ages. Styles and Schools of sculpting have changed with the change in time and thought. In a great and diverse land like India, different cultures have had their different and distinct style of sculptures.

Starting from stones to metals – various materials are used in sculpting. Bronze is a particular favorite of the artists as well as admirers.

Since the rise Pala and Chola empires in the eighth century, brass sculptures have played a key role in shaping the Hindu religious myths and beliefs, and also has made the abstract divinity quite tangible and close to heart. Along with their symbolic significance, Indian bronze sculptures are also revered for their unparallel aesthetic quality. Handcrafted bronze sculptures of Indian deities , the Buddha in his various stances, the loveable Indian deity known as Ganesha and a lot of other secular images are cherished and treasured by collectors all over the world. These handcrafted sculptures are fine in quality and impeccable in finish. Carved with the finesse of traditional Indian artistry, these are exquisite and affordable.

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