Clay Sculpture

Clay Sculptures Clay sculpture is a product of art that induces consideration about form and space together. Clay provides an excellent medium for artists to express their creativity.Clay being comparatively softer compared to stone and metal, can be molded as per the wish of the artists. They are found everywhere and have an ancient and wide-spanning history. Objects carved from clay were frequently used for religious purposes in antiquity. The early statues of the gods were of clay.


In India, clay statues date back to the ancient times and civilizations. Excavations show early Indian clay sculptures depicting religious and secular themes. The wide range of clay sculptures available in India comprise of ornate pieces of fine workmanship. They are carefully molded and are available in the shape of Hindu Gods and Goddesses , Buddha statues , human figurines, animals, birds, and other abstract patterns. Skilled Indian artisans impeccably craft Ganesha sculptures, Kali, Vishnu, and others. They use their hereditary knowledge, expertise, and imagination in sculpting these statues. Each state in India displays an individualist style that has created a distinctive niche in the world market.

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