Metal Sculptures

Nataraja If you are thinking of giving a facelift to your home, office, garden or that cozy holiday retreat - then think of metal sculptures from India. The rare aesthetic beauty and finesse of Indian metal sculpture will leave you wanting even more of it. If you are interested, you can also delve deep into the history of Indian sculptures. However - be informed, that this leap is going to be quite a task, an interesting one nonetheless, since the tradition of Indian sculpture is as old as its civilization.


This being a land of diversity, its sculpture traditions are also equally diverse. Sculptures have been made from ancient ages using stone, clay and various metals. Metal sculptures are especially favored because of their beauty, glow, finesse and durability. Statues of Indian deities like Shiva, Nataraja, Durga, Kali, Ganesha, and Buddha Statues in various stances, along with other secular statues have been crafted by skilled artisans from bronze, brass, gold, silver and more. Their elegance and style have left the international brethren of art lovers simple amazed and enthralled. They are ideal collectible items and can also be treasured gifts for the person you love the most..

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