Fine Beaded Jewelry

Antique Beaded Jewelry Fine Beaded jewelry have been made and worn for ages and they are available in an amazing variety of patterns and colors. Depending on place, time, materials and imaginative faculty of the artists, the patterns of beaded jewelry keep changing. Woven from a variety of materials like glass , wood, clay, metal , stones, gold, silver , bronze beads , beaded jewelry is a popular collectible item, acknowledged for their beauty, durability and style. Pendants, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and other

fine jewelry are crafted using different designs and patterns. India is a storehouse of fine beaded jewelry. In India, different regions, cultures and ages have had their own distinctive style of making beaded jewelry.

From simple grace to ornate brilliance - the diversity of fine Indian beaded jewelry is endless. Crafts in India has a rare collection of beautiful beaded jewelry gathered from traditional Indian artisans. Handcrafted by adroit Indian artisans, these beaded jewelry items are elegant and appealing. An array of beaded jewelry, handcrafted from glass, shells, plastic, metal, in fascinating colors, are available here. These beaded jewelry items complement your attire and render an irresistible charm to your complete persona. Explore the world of beaded jewelry in different patterns with Crafts in India.

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