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Fusion Kundan Set Costume beaded jewelry derives its name from stage costumes that needed inexpensive but flashy beaded jewelry for stage performances.Instead of using valuable metal, real precious stones or gems, costume jewelry is carved out of less valuable materials, including glass beads, plastic beads, base metallic beads and an array of other beads in different shapes, sizes and materials.From clay and wood to diamond and platinum - jewelry comprises of all.

While the jewelry items made from costly metals and precious stones are considered for their beauty as well as investment value, the ones made of less expensive materials are known as costume jewelry and possessed for the sake of beauty and fashion.

Costume jewelry has derived its name from the concept of stage costumes that use inexpensive but flashy jewelry on stage. Instead of using valuable metal, precious stones or gems, costume jewelry is made out of less valuable materials, like glass, plastic, base metals, bone, shells, etc. Costume jewelry is more in use as hot components of latest fashion. Worn along with matching attire, they make very strong statements about your fashion conscious and aesthetically enriched mind.

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