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metal-art-jewelry Find exquisite art metal jewelry online at Crafts in India. Made from an array of metals, using diversified design and patterns, Crafts in India’s collection of art metal jewelry is truly amazing. Art metal jewelry is the exploration of creative mind and ingenuity. Expressed through metal art is the love and feel of the creative mind. Artists in India have been creating artistic metal jewelry since ages. Molded from brass and bronze, iron and silver, gold and platinum are beautiful metal jewelry for

both men and women of all ages.

Nothing seemed so lovely and satisfying as a piece of hand-wrought gold, silver, pewter, brass, or copper jewelry. Metal jewelry artisans acquire their skills as a legacy passed on from one generation to the other. Irrespective of time and space, the craze for gold jewelry, silver jewelry and recently ornamental platinum jewelry has been on the rise. Keeping this is mind, Crafts in India has gathered this range of handmade silver pendants, silver necklaces, silver bracelets, silver earrings and jewelry sets and more. So – keep exploring our online Indian jewelry store and grab your favorite art metal jewelry.

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