Beaded Bridal Jewelry

Beaded Bridal Jewelry Marriages are made in heaven and made memorable on earth. Bridal jewelry forms one of the most significant parts of these ever-memorable marriages. Hidden behind the gossamer veil, sits the shy bride, decked up in the brightest and best of all her costumes, adorned in beautiful bridal jewelry. It is the one most important day in her life, made more beautiful by her jewelry. Traditionally, jewelry has been intrinsic to the whole ritual of wedding celebrations.

Bridal jewelry comes in a variety of designs and materials. However, the most favored and popular form of bridal jewelry happens to be the beaded ones. Handcrafted by traditional artisans, this beaded bridal jewelry is shaped from gold, silver, gems and other materials. Each culture and each ethnic group have their own distinctive style and pattern of making these beaded wedding jewelry. In India, beaded jewelry is not only important as an adornment, but has immense symbolic and ritualistic significance. Mangalsutra – a wedding necklace made of small, black beads – is an auspicious bridal jewelry, without which marriages are incomplete. It is believed that each of its multiple beads invites good fortune and bestows divine blessings. In other societies too, beaded bridal jewelry has significant aesthetic and symbolic connotations.

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