Tribal Body Jewelry

Enigma of Beads Tribal body jewelry is a much sought after fashion item for young and old alike. Be it a Hollywood night or a soft romantic dinner, tribal body jewelry is a favorite that makes any attire attractive and charming. It is interesting to note the huge plunge of these ethnic items from the unknown huts of nondescript tribal people to the glitter and glam of the international fashion world. Tribes of various countries have had their distinctive style of jewelry for ages.

They have used natural products and manual skills to craft jewelry for almost every part of the body. Apart from aesthetic value, they also have symbolic and religious significance.

In fact, in parts of the world, tribes identify and distinguish themselves from others by means of the different body jewelry worn by men and women.

In India, tribal body jewelry is made and worn by the tribesmen till today. Shells, bones, wood, earth, cowries, metals and glass are used in crafting beautiful tribal body jewelry for men and women of all ages. Each tribe has its own distinct style and patterns of jewelry. There are special jewelry to worn during particular festivals, rituals, religious rites or other social occasions. For example, jewelry is one of the major items that distinguish a married, unmarried or widowed woman. Crossing the barriers of borders and boundaries, Indian tribal body jewelry has made it to the international market and is considered as one of the treasures to be possessed by any man or woman of great aesthetic choice..

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