Themed Chess Set

Magnetic Chess Set Crafts in India has an impressive collection of copper sculptures.For most chess lovers, playing chess is more a passion than just entertainment. It is like a miniscule war won with the might not of the sword, but of the brain. This is why, themed chess sets are famous all over the world. Themed Chess sets have special chess pieces that create an ambience of a particular theme like the civil war, medieval army, Roman army, crusades, Isle of Lewis and even

the themes of Disney, space, soccer and even Harry Potter! Playing with a themed chess set is like living life in that particular space and time, being the real hero of war on board.

Themed chess sets are inspired by various historical, mythological, religious, and fictional events and stories. Therefore they relive the characters and the incidents of their inspirations. The thrill and experience of such a game is simply splendid. Themed chess sets are available in great variety, in different materials and make. You can buy themed chess set online from various online chess stores. For hand crafted themed chess sets, you can visit Crafts in India and explore the collection of chess sets. Of special interest would be the handmade painted chess set that depicts a royal Indian army, and also the royal brass chess set that presents a medieval army. Enjoy playing chess and cherish the experience of incredible theme chess sets.

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