Stone Handicrafts

Puja Thali Indian stone handicrafts are famous all over the world. The handicraft importers of Indian arts and crafts items import marble, soap stone and other stone handicrafts for their uniqueness - in terms of beauty and perfection. Indian stone handicrafts tradition has its roots in antiquity. Guilds of masons and stone carvers have existed here since the 7th century B.C. Different types of stones like, marble, soapstone, sand stone were used by craftsmen in India.

Stone was amongst the first material used by prehistoric man to create tools. Though items made from stone gave way to, items made from metal, stone continued to be one of the preferred material for making sculptures. India has a rich tradition of stonework, as is evident from temples in Khajuraho, Konark, Martand in Kashmir and Ellora etc, which have richly carved sculptures and relief work on them. Large temple complexes of Ramashwaram, Dilwara and Tirupati not only are marvels in stone, but they reflect a high degree of sophistication reached by craftsmen engaged in stone craft.

Stone handicraft in India is not only restricted to ornate carvings on temples or sculptures of deities but it is also used in making items like carved panels, tiles, paper weights, pen stands, models of historical buildings, sculptures of animals and humans etc.. It is in fact a part of the daily lives and rituals of Indian life and society. The basic design is traced on the stone and it is given a crude shape. The final carving is then carried out and the items are polished.

Crafts in India presents some of the beautiful specimens of Indian stone handicrafts. We have an exquisite collection of hand carved stone figurines and statues, decorative items and stone works. BeautifulSoap Stone Ganesha, Soap Stone Hanuman, Soap Stone Krishna, Soap Stone Shiva and Laxmiji, Marble Candle Holder, Marble Elephant Set, marble Goblets, Alwaster Ganesha and many more stone handicrafts are there for you to browse and buy. For all your queries and suggestions, you can always reach us at Online Customer Care Chat

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