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Leather is a material, which is liked by everyone around the world for its excellent abrasion and wind resistance. From time immemorial man has used this material to accustom himself in the rough or stormy weather and to cover the body parts, which often come in contact with the wind, the ground and sometimes a brutal attack. Leather's sturdiness makes it a stuff that's is very important and usable. It's a material that is obtained through tanning of hides, pelts and skins of animals. Leather is widely used in making footwear, bags, belts, cloths and other home accessories. Its usage makes it very important item of the household.

Most common form of Leather is made through the tanning of cowhide. Besides, the skins of lambs, deers, snakes, kangaroos and crocodiles. The wide acceptance of leather as a stuff for garment has engendered a new theory of "Leather Fetishism". This is about a new crop of individuals who have fetishistic attraction for leather. This fact has encouraged many to manufacture fine leather products. In India tanning had begun in Indus Valley Civilization, the inhabitants used it as footwear and cover. From ancient times Indian leather was famous also in whole world for its fineness and sturdiness. Nowadays also it's done in grand scale in many parts of India like Chennai, Tamilnadu, Maharashtra, U.P., Punjab and Delhi. Leather items are manufactured in India with a blend of Traditional as well as modern Techniques. The scientific research work is also done perpetually.

There are several kinds of leather manufactured on the basis of different techniques of tanning in India and globe around. Some of them are Vegetable Tanned leather, Alum tanned leather, Raw Hide leather, Chrome Tanned leather. Some better-known leather types are Full Grain leather, Corrected Grain leather, and Suede. While some lesser-known types are Buckskinned or Brained leather, Patent leather, Vachetta leather, Shagreen leather, Belting leather and Napa leather. To get a glimpse of beautifully done leather works browse through the links available in craftsinindia.


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