Ethnic Tribal Jewelry

Tribal Jewelry Ethnic tribal jewelry is the spirit of primal mankind articulated in shapes and designs. Millions of years ago, human beings started walking this rugged earth, and from the very beginning, they attempted at beautifying their world and themselves. They gathered dried leaves, collected colorful flowers, molded clay and carved stones to make various kinds of jewelry to adorn themselves.

The indomitable character, strength of spirit, ancestry and oral myths and legends of these people were handed down from generations to find a safe haven in the various tribes and their ethnic culture.In India, the trend of ethnic tribal jewelry still survives among the various tribal people inhabiting different corners of the country.

Traditional artisans craft decorative necklaces, earrings, noserings, bangles and various other kinds of body jewelry. Their craft is a legacy and talent is innate. Patterns and designs used are mostly conventional. Clay, wood, metal, shell, beads, bones and stones are used in making these beautiful tribal jewelry. Apart from having decorative value, this jewelry is also an important part of their daily rituals, culture and religious beliefs. Each handcrafted jewelry item has its own significance and symbolic meaning for the tribes who make and wear them. For the rest of the world - ethnic tribal jewelry is a sizzling fashion item to be worn and flaunted in front of the glam world.

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