Indian Fashion Jewelry

Camel Bone Jewelry Fashion jewelry is more a mark of your fashion conscious, aesthetically bent mind, than a materialist possession or investment. Made of a variety of materials like glass, plastic, base metals, bone, and shells, they are a visual delight and make a bold statement of style. In India, fashion jewelry has been a part of civilization itself. Primitive men made necklaces out of dried leaves, tied animal bones around their waists, and decorated themselves with beautiful flowers.

Even today, there are Indian natives who cherish fashion jewelry made of natural and inexpensive materials.

Floral jewelry, apart from being fashionable, is also a sacred item used in religious rituals. Animal bone jewelry, shell jewelry, glass beaded jewelry, lacquer jewelry . the list of Indian fashion jewelry is almost a never-ending one.

Crossing the borders, Indian fashion jewelry has made its mark in the international fashion society. Be it a beaded necklace of the banjaras, or camel bone jewelry of Indian tribes - fashion jewelry from India is a much sought after item in the fashion fraternity of the world. Crafts in India brings to you a charming range of Indian fashion jewelry handcrafted by traditional Indian craftsmen. Matchless in beauty, they are an ideal blend of tradition and style.

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