Traditional Indian Games

Traditional Indian Games are exciting and intriguing. When you begin to play an Indian traditional game, you will loose track of your time and simply can stop playing. Pachisi is delightful game which can be played with a board and some cowries or shells. Ashte -Kahste is another Indian traditional game which can be played with either 2 or 4 players using a 7 by 7 board and four cowries. Ganjifa cards were in the olden days used by kings and other noblemen. Ganjifa card pack used by rich and nobles were made of ivory, tortoise shells and contained precious stones too.

While shopping for traditional Indian Games, do check out the attractive dasavatara ganjifa cards, moghul cards and collectible cards. You will also come across chess sets made out of wood, handcrafted and magnetic chess sets too. Chess sets which are handcrafted and painted have an extra edge over the ready made or plastic chess sets.

Popular Traditional Indian Games are:-


The game of chess originated in India in the 6th century. Chess comprises of three animals- horse, camel and elephant, knight, bishop and rook in chess. Chess game has spread throughout the world and their name derived from the Sanskrit game Chaturanga.


It is a board game that originated in ancient India. The name of the game ‘Pachisi’ has come from a Hindi word pachis, meaning twenty-five. The name of the game is also called Twenty five, as the largest score that can be thrown with the cowrie shells. The game is played between four players, divided into two teams. Players play with four beehive-shaped pieces in the color of black, red, yellow and green.


Pallanguli is played in the southern India. It is called the gambling game by men. The board has 14 cups with each player controlling seven. In each cup six seeds are placed. To play the game, players lift the seeds and distribute one seed in each hole. If the seeds are finished, the player goes on to his opponent’s side of the board. If the seed fall into a cup with an empty cup beyond, the seeds in the cup beyond the empty hole are captured by the player and put into his store.

Chess sets
Chess sets
Wooden Chess Set
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Pachisi Set
Pachisi Set
Pachisi: The Mind Game- Traditional Indian Game
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Board Games
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Dominos Game
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Card Games
Dasavatara Ganjifa Cards
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