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Yantra Mandala Thangka painting

Yantra Thangka PaintingDimensions : 20 x 15 Inches

This is a handmade Yantra mandala thangka painting of exquisite beauty and profundity. It is believed that man (the microcosm), by mentally "entering" the mandala and "proceeding" toward its center, is by analogy guided through the cosmic processes to be one with the macrocosm. It affects a spiritual journey toward perfection, culminating in ‘Siddhi’. Through this Mandala, one crosses the circles of fire and vajra to reach the lotus circle. Lotus is the traditional symbol of spiritual transcendence. The eight-pointed star is a symbol of the Eight Fold Path of Buddhism.

By following this sacred path, one reaches the Buddha state, depicted here, as in a Dharma Mandala, in the form of an initial syllable placed at the center of the Mandala. The sacred geometry of the yantra is also believed to invoke positive energy and good luck. The two intersecting quadrilaterals depict preservation and the balance between the static and dynamic. The six-pointed star at the center symbolizes equilibrium.

This high quality thangka painting is mounted on pure silk and has a delicate silk veil covering. Hand picked by Crafts in India, it represents the best in Himalayan Buddhist art.

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