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Radha embraces Krishna-Patachitra

Radha embraces KrishnaDimensions : 6 x 4 Inches

The Indian folk art –‘Talapatrachitra’ depicts Krishna and his consort Radha in a passionate embrace. Celebrating their love is the blooming tree in the backdrop.

Krishna, the incarnation of Lord Vishnu is a master of 64 art forms. He is a complete charmer with his handsome chiseled face, blue complexion, lotus eyes, and a flute on his lips. He is the embodiment of love, which is sublime, sensual and spiritual. Radha is his consort and devotee. Both Krishna and Radha share the love that is pure and transcendental. Like any other couples they have their moments of love,

passion and anger. Radha is regarded as the embodiment of all consuming love for Krishna that makes her willingly abandon the societal strictures. Although they were numerous gopis (cowherds) who were in love with Krishna but it is the love of Radha- a married woman that symbolized the eternal bond between the two.

This handmade art painting on palm leaves carries subtle natural colors, which lend grace and feel to the painting.

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