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Group Dance-Patachitra

Group DanceDimensions : 8 x 6 Inches

Patachitra is an ancient folk art from the state of Orissa in India, but it is still very much a living, breathing, evolving entity. The theme of this handmade Talapatachitra manifestly upholds the vibrant and evolving nature of this ethnic art form. Originating out of the cult of Jagannath, the presiding deity of Orissa, the Patachitras traditionally doted upon religious or mythological themes. However, with changing times, this form of painting too has evolved and grown, embracing a wider range of themes, colors and admirers. This Talapatachitra has a secular theme and portrays a folk image.

A group of tribal people is seen dancing together at the enchanting drumbeats of the tribal drummer. The idyllic beauty of nature is aptly depicted through the serene sky, flying birds and the rampant greenery. The small congregation of clay huts and hens bring out an atmosphere of peaceful cohabitation between man and nature. The horned turban of the drummer, the white saris draped by the dancers and the peacock feathers adorning them are typical details picked up from Indian tribal life and customs. While bright earthen colors have been used to portray the colorful vibrancy of rural India, ample amount of attention has also been paid to the intricate detailing of the figures – their posture, costume, expression and ornaments. Falling in line with the tradition of Talapatachitra painting in the usage of palm-leaf canvas, earthen colors, intricate detailing in lines and colors, this Talapatachitra has a folk theme and humane impression.

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