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Krishna and Gopis

Krishna and gopisDimensions : 22 x 15 Inches

The internationally renowned folk art of Madhubani Painting has its roots in the humblest of household chores of modest families in Northern Bihar, India. Figures of deities and animals and imageries of symbolic significance were depicted on earthen walls, using emblematic colors, in the hope of fortune and fertility. The mythical figure of Krishna is often invoked in the paintings in the hope of nuptial blessings. This particular Madhubani painting offers a scene from Krishna Lila and portrays Krishna with His Gopis engaged in the dance of Love.

The iconic figure of Krishna is dark tanned, draped in yellow. He is playing on flute seducing and charming not only the maidens but also the birds and beasts. The Gopis (milk maidens) are simply enamoured by the irresistible charm of Krishna. The whole impression is of love and seduction. Abstract figures have been delineated in profile. Floral patterns are used as fill. The traditional double borders with linear designs have embellished the painting. Earthen hues of orange, yellow, red and green aptly contribute to the complete atmosphere of life, love and ardour.

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