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Radha-Krishna Rasalila

Radha-Krishna RasalilaDimensions : 9 x 9 Inches

‘Patachitra’ is a traditional folk-art form of the East Indian state of Orissa that dates back to the 5th century BC. This ethnic art form originated as a religious ritual and has developed over the years as a distinct school of Indian painting. The Patachitra artists, who inherit the artistry from their ancestors, are known as ‘Chitrakars’. Their best works are usually found in and around Puri, especially in the villages of Raghurajpur and Dandshahi.

The Patachitra paintings are generally done on specially treated pieces of cloth using earth or stone colors.

The traditional themes of Patachitra are the Deities of the Hindu pantheon – particularly popular being the myths of Lord Jagannatha and the legends of Radha-Krishna. The exuberant colors and vibrant figures add life and lustre to the Patachitras of Orissa.

This particular Talapatachitra depicts the Rasalila (Game of Love) of Sri Krishna and his beloved Radha in the sacred garden of Vrindavan. The standard palette of colors (green, blue, yellow, red, black, white) has been used and the characteristic Patachitra style is evident in the extended noses, elongate eyes, and finely detailed clothes and jewelry. The typical iconographic details such as the blue-hued Krishna and the yellow-tanned Radha are also there in this Patachitra. Krishna, the God of Love, is dressed in yellow, the color of his beloved, while Radha wears green. Two Gopis (cowherd maidens) carrying pitchers are also standing nearby. Krishna is seen holding a flute in his right hand. The music of the flute is the seductive charm that Krishna uses in mesmerizing his beloved. The vibrant colors and the postures of the figures aptly create a virtual aura of love and devotion associated with the legends of Radha-Krishna.

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