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Sohni Mahiwal-Glass Painting

Sohni MahiwalDimensions : 31 x 25 Inches

This glass painting celebrates the immortal love story of Sohni and Mahiwal who were united in death.

This handmade glass painting shows Sohni and Mahiwal hands in hands. Vivid colors are used in this double glass framed painting.

About Sohni & Mahiwal

Sohni a beautiful maiden falls in love with Mahiwal but her family forces her to marry some one else. Nonetheless she continues to meet her lover across the river by using her earthen pots to swim.

One night, her sister in law in order to teach Sohni a lesson replaces her pot with an unbaked pot. Oblivious, Sohni sets out to meet Mahiwal the river with the pot. Her pot dissolves and hearing her cries Mahiwal jumps in the water but the mighty waves of the river sweeps them away.

Sohni Mahiwal is an Indian ethnic glass painting. It is a part of Harmeen Kaur's exquisite painting studio. This designer piece of art measures 31"x25". The combination of vivid colors enhances the tales of true love. Only limited editions of this hand made painting are available.

About the artist

This painting is executed by noted glass painter Ms Harmeen Kaur whose designs are reflection of ethnic and modern India.

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