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Kishangarh Court Painters

The contribution of Kishangarh court painters in providing a rich body of work, which is considered exquisite and one of its kinds for its sensuous beauty, soft colors and fascinating landscapes is noteworthy. Most of these artists engaged by the royal court were trained in Mughal workshops and brought traditions, which were combined with the regional art techniques to produce lovely creations.

Nooro Dhadi

Nooro Dhadi was a local painter who painted Rathor Daulatsingh, a jagirdar of the State.

Nihal Chand

One of the most outstanding painters was Nihal Chand (1710-1782) who produced brilliant work. His name figures in the captions of paintings and the papers of the Kishangarh State.

From the period of 1755 to 1766 AD, Nihal Chand worked for Raja Sardar Singh who ruled in the northern part of the partitioned State. He produced a memorable work in the association of his team which consisted of Sitaram, Soorajmal, and Amar Chand.

After the demise of Sardar Singh, Roopnagar was again merged with Kishangarh. Nihal Chand returned to Kishangarh and was given 200 acres of land.

Nihal Chand under Raja Sawant Singh who was himself a poet and an accomplished musician and painter rendered visual expression to Sawant Singh's poems and feelings in his paintings. He was close to Sawant Singh and evolved a figure of Radha based on the appearance of Bani Thani, the mistress of Raja Sawant Singh. He evolved a mannerist style which emphasized on the on the slender curves and almond eyes of Bani Thani. Radha as Bani Thani was shown with delicate eyebrows curved like a bow, long neck, curls of ebony hair, shapely nose and fastidious nose.

The series of Radha Krishna paintings depicting the mystical love between them are his notable creations.

His painting called 'Boat of Love' is considered as a masterpiece of Kishangarh School of painting. The depiction of minutest details with sheer perfection celebrates the eternal love of Radha and Krishna. His other works include 'Radha offering flowers to Krishna', 'Tambula Seva', 'Shukadeva Muni preaching Bhagavat to Parikshit', 'Sawant Singh and Bani Thani' and 'Radha and Krishna seated on a lotus'.

Nihal Chand work speaks for its delicate and graceful drawing and distinctive patterns, and colors


The painting style of Sitaram, eldest son of Nihal Chand closely resembles to that of his father. His notable works are 'Krishna offering a garland to Radha', 'Krishna holding Radha's Odhani' and 'Diwali festival'.

Sooraj Mal

He was brother of Sitaram and his worthy sketches indicate his love for brush.

Soordhaj Nanagram

He was a son of Sooraj Mal and grandson of Nihal Chand. Painting of Kalyan Rai ji executed by him is his noteworthy contribution.

Soordhaj Ramnath

Son of Nanagram, he excelled in drawing and painting of flowers and fruits.

Amar Chand

He is remembered for his well-ordered compositions. His notable works include 'A Moonlit Music Party' that shows Raja Sardar Singh at his Roop Nagar Palace and also figures Nihal Chand.

Sooratram and Budhlal

Sooratram and Budhlal are other significant names, which worked at Fatehgarh in the State and produced lovely works of art.

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