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A Day in Rural India-Warli Painting

A Day in Rural IndiaDimensions : 16 x 27 Inches

This delicate piece of Warli Painting, a traditional Indian art form, depicts a scene from a day in rural India. Women at their daily household chores, men at their respective vocations, babies in their cradles, and plants and animals in their pristine existence have been painted in minute details. Peacocks, hens, birds, cows and all the flora and fauna seem to form an integral part of life as a whole. It is also interesting to note the women carrying reaped crop and peddling wares around the village. Along with domestic duties, women are also involved in earning a livelihood for the whole family.

But perhaps the most interesting aspect of this piece of tribal painting is the water symbolism. The painting actually rests on a river. A huge tree stands at its apex and we can assume this to be the tree of life that is nourished by the river. Snakes, fishes, turtles are seen swimming in the river. Both humans and other animals are gathered around the river to quench their thirst. Women are also seen drawing water from a pond. At the top of the painting a person is being given some water from a pitcher to quench his thirst. Scattered images of water quenching thirst and enriching life symbolises the smooth, gentle, natural flow of life. Triangles, dots, and lines in white make the complete world of the Warli tribe come alive.

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