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Jagannath Dev – Patachitra

Jagannath Dev  PatachitraDimensions : 11 x 6 Inches

The handmade palm leaf etchings-‘Talapatrachitra’ portrays the magnanimous image of Jagannath Dev - one of the manifestations of Lord Vishnu. The painting shows Jagannath Dev elegantly draped in finest of clothes and jewelry, standing on an embellished pedestal. The garlands of daffodils around the deity complement the persona of the deity. The treatment and composition of the painting in natural colors makes it an enthralling piece of art.

The painting is done on dried palm leaves.

The palm leaves are cut into rectangular pieces of the desired size, and stitched together with a black thread. Then, the design is etched, followed by filling of colors. The palm leaf etchings stand out for their detailed delineation and elegant compositions in natural colors.

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