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Vasudev takes Krishna to Gokul-Patachitra

Vasudev takes Krishna to GokulDimensions : 9 x 9 Inches

‘Talapatachitras’ are delicately etched images on dried palm leaves. Like the cloth Patachitras, this form of folk art too has Orissa (a state in east of India) as its place of origin. Talapatachitras involve themes and motifs quite similar to the ones used in the cloth Patachitras and similar amount of attention is paid to details and miniaturized depictions. This particular Talapatachitra depicts a mythological scene from Krishna Lila (The exploits of Lord Krishna), the passage of baby Krishna from Mathura to the safety of Gokul, carried by his father Vasudev.

Krishna was born in a prison cell in Mathura under the persecution of his evil uncle Kansa. To save the baby Krishna from Kansa’s rage, Vasudev stealthily carried him off Mathura to Gokul. It happened to be a wild night of tempestuous monsoon. The Talapatachitra aptly portrays this difficult escapade in vivid details. Amidst torrents of rain, Vasudeva is seen crossing a river with baby Krishna on his head, gleefully playing under the protection of a giant serpent. A jackal awaits them at the riverbank, probably to lead them to safety. Soft, natural, earthen colors have been used along with intricate detailing. The floral patterns and simple linear borders enhance the delicate elegance of the painting.

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