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Women at the well

Ladies at the wellDimensions : 30 x 22 Inches

Bihar, a state in Eastern Indian, has a rich cultural heritage and the folk art of Madhubani Painting makes it all the more prominent. Practiced by the modest women folk of the Mithila region in Northern Bihar, this school of painting is particularly famous for its use of bold natural colours and intricate linear designs. Household rituals and daily chores had given rise to this folk art and thematically it centres round mythological figures, religious themes and glimpses of everyday life. The painting in concern portrays a regular activity of rural India… ‘Women at the Well’.

The orthodox school of painting might find this too trivial a subject to be conveyed through art. However, Madhubani painting being an exclusively feminine school of folk painting, such apparently insignificant details find apt expression through magnificent artistry. Feminine figure profiles in monochrome are seen drawing water from the village well. Apart from being a necessary activity, this exclusive feminine time also happens to be their only leisure. Gossiping and giggling women share moments of intimacy with one another. Trees, leaves, squirrels, birds and women are all part of the same nature. Succulent fruits hanging from the tree indicate fertility and procreation. The plump women figures have been adorned with ornate jewellery and patterned clothing. The general atmosphere of amity, joy and feminine grace has been enhanced by the use of yellow as the background colour. The painting has a linear border with images of butterflies, flowers, fishes and leaves, symbolising love, passion, fertility and youth. The bright red background colour of the external border animates the spirit of passion and joy.

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