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Raga Gambhira-Miniature Painting

Raga GambhiraDimensions : 9 X 7 Inches

The painting personifies Raga Gambhira, a son of Sri Raga. A wedded couple being ferried across the river is represented in the painting where the young prince is wearing a yellow colored choga (garment) and lavender colored sash around his waist while his wife in a green mottled skirt stands in a pensive mood. The boatman throws a bamboo into the river with all his might. The river and low mountains draw parallel to the Beas at Tira-Sujanpur, where boats of this design can still be seen.

Raga Gambhira conveys a mood of sadness, a caring wife-bidding farewell to her warrior husband,

whom she may not see again.

About Miniature Paintings

Miniatures are intricate, colorful illuminations or paintings, small in size, executed meticulously with delicate brushwork. The history of Indian Miniature Paintings can be traced to the 6-7th century AD. Miniature Paintings have evolved over centuries carrying the influence of other cultures. The miniature artists gave self-expression on paper, ivory panels, wooden tablets, leather, marble, cloth and walls. Indian artists employed multiple perspectives unlike their European counterparts in their paintings. The idea was to convey reality that existed beyond specific vantage point.

The Kangra Miniatures of the Pahari School made a mark in the 18th century. Though influenced by the Mughals, the Kangra School retained its distinctiveness. The paintings were naturalistic and employed cool, fresh colors. The colors were extracted from minerals, vegetables and possessed enamel-like luster. Verdant greenery of the landscape, brooks, springs were the recurrent images on the miniatures. Texts of the Gita Govinda, Bhiari's Satsai, and the Baramasa of Keshavdas provided endless themes to the painters. Krishna and Radha as eternal lovers were portrayed rejoicing the moments of love. The Kangra miniatures are also noted for portraying the famine charm with a natural grace. The paintings based on Ragmalas (musical modes) also found patronage in Kangra.

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