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Village Scene

Village SceneDimensions : 17 x 27 Inches

The tradition of Folk art is rooted in the everyday life and rituals of simple human beings. Along with depicting certain archetypal themes and motifs, Folk art always manages to seize the pulse of common man’s life. This piece of Indian Folk art from Warli successfully presents a slice of Indian tribal life. An image of a typical Warli village has been presented, replete with huts, trees, animals and people. Men and women are seen chatting, cooking food, milking a cow, drawing water from the well, and carrying earthen pots filled with water on their heads. Women rearing babies,

men selling goods, farmers with crops and cows have been portrayed with utmost affection. A palm tree is seen at the heart of the painting. An eager villager climbs up to get palm juice. Not only the domestic animals like hens and cows, but other animals and birds such as crocodiles and peacocks are also seen scattered in the pictorial space, indicating the inseparable bond between man and nature. The speciality of this particular piece of Indian tribal art is the use of a bi-colour background. Basic forms in white, painted on two different shades of earthen colours, adequately showcase a slice of Indian tribal life.

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