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Krishna churns butter-Patachitra

Krishna churns butterDimensions : 9 x 9 Inches

This handmade Talapatachitra from Orissa depicts a scene from the childhood feats of Lord Krishna. Delicately etched on palm leaves are the figures of naughty Krishna churning butter, accompanied by his doting foster mother, Yashoda. The tenth book of Srimad Bhagavat Puran (a medieval devotional text written from a Vaishnav point of view), that describes the exploits of young Krishna in the pastoral Vrindavan, might have acted as a source of imagery for this Talapatachitra. The mischievous baby Krishna loved eating butter, and at times, he would even steal some from Yashoda’s kitchen,

only to get caught and scolded by Yashoda. A number of stories have been yarned around baby Krishna, Yashoda and the butter episode. The image in this Talapatachitra shows an amicable situation where Yashoda has succumbed to the demands of Krishna and both are seen churning butter together. The pillar, the patio and the pitcher above indicate Yashoda’s kitchen. Baby Krishna is typically blue draped in a yellow cloth. The figures are ornate and ornamented. The traditional combination of colors (red, yellow, blue, green) and intricate lines and designs are visible. Leaves, flowers and tendrils are interwoven in beautiful designs and patterns embellishing the edges. Quiet and elegant colors have been applied flatly within the outlined areas and shading has not been used. The Chitrakar has not attempted at realism maintaining the traditional delineation of figures. Abundant use of green brings out the atmosphere of innocence and the simple pleasures of childhood as symbolized by the icon of baby Krishna.

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