A Day in Village-Tribal Painting

A Day in VillageDimensions : 9 x 7 Inches

This traditional Indian Tribal Painting recreates the immortal charm of Indian tribal life. The tribes in India keep alive a culture that is thousands of years old through their music, traditions, rituals and art. They live in complete harmony with nature by preserving their resources and blending with the environment without leaving any trace. This painting is inspired by their beliefs, tradition and simplicity of life. Various rows have been used to depict a range of activities from a day in an Indian village. Human beings, painted in their simplest forms, are seen in close association with animals and plants.

Trees with monkeys, Mothers with children, shepherds with animals, everyone is immaculately related in the great chain of beings. A cart on wheels is used to make it to the weekly market place to sell the humble wares. The dance of life continues and pervades the normal life in a village. The neighborhood peddler sells his molasses and water is carried back home in pitchers carefully balanced on head. Small simple people survive in small simple clay huts, just as naturally as the naughty monkeys inhabit the unsuspecting trees. A group of animals form the base row of the painting. They symbolize a world where human beings, animals, flora and fauna are integral parts of the entity called nature. This painting has simple outlined figure filled with basic natural colors. Shading of figures or technique of perspective is not employed. The poses of the figures imply motion. The geometric patterns of the outer and the inner borders are further embellished with animal figures.

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