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An art gallery is a place where different art forms especially visual arts and paintings are exhibited on a large scale. Art galleries are also called art museums. Though art galleries especially organize exhibitions on paintings, there are many art galleries those organize different artistic activities like music and poetry too. There are many art galleries existing in modern world but the most famous of them is ‘The Louvre’ in Paris. This art gallery is so famous around the world because it has the most famous painting of world the Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci preserved in it.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City is a renowned art gallery of world also the National Art Gallery of London is very famous. These famous art galleries never sell their exotic possessions if you are really interested in buying these art pieces you will have to visit private art galleries may

be that you will not find equally beautiful pieces still you can try for plenty of good arts and can bring the home. Not all art galleries around the world are equally famous as they do not have the exotic masterpieces kept in them.

Like rest of the world India is also rich in art and artistic excellence. There are many famous art galleries you can find in India with exotic masterpieces kept in them. Some great names are like; the Chitra art gallery of Trivandrum and Tribune of Chandigarh Renaissance Art gallery in Bangaluru and the Jehangir art gallery of Mumbai are very famous. Visiting these art galleries is really a pleasant experience as they make you enter in the root of your culture they also make you realize the major changes occurred in styles and tastes of a particular culture in course of time.

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