Standing Buddha

Standing BuddhaDimensions : 15 x 6 Inches

The showcased brass masterpiece is the statuette of Standing Buddha. In this image Buddha is holding his robe by his left hand bending it towards the shoulder. Right hand is pointed towards the ground with the face of the palm open. Standing on a big lotus podium Buddha's most significant feature in this image is the artistic representation of Buddha's robe. Craftsmen have skillfully shown different folds of the robe throughout the body. Yo may also see the beautiful designer patterns on the borders of the robe. Buddha's main attributes his elongated ears and curly hair are also carried out wonderfully.

There is everlasting calm and repose on the face of Buddha.

About Buddha
Gautama Buddha was born a prince of the powerful Sakya clan in northern India in 543 B.C. Surrounded by luxury during his youth, he was shocked into reflecting on man’s condition in the world, at the sight of a destitute man, a corpse and an ascetic. He renounced his wealth and family and became a seeker of the truth. After years of penance and meditation he gained enlightenment and came to be known as the Buddha or “The Enlightened One”.

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