Paper Mache-Ludo

Paper Mache Snake gameDimension: 12 x 12 Inches

This is a unique hand painted paper mache ludo game complete with a holder, counters and dice. Ludo is a westernized version of the traditional Indian board game called Pachisi and can be played by two to four players, selecting one of the four colored counter sets. Players take it in turn to throw a single die. A player moves one of the pieces forward the number of squares indicated by the die. The winner is the player whose four counters finish the journey and reach the respective home counter first.

The specialty of this particular ludo set is that it is an ecofriendly product made of paper mache and the entire game has been hand painted using natural dye. It is also interesting to note the colorful patterns and images that once again incorporate the game of ludo, the westernized version of Pachisi, into traditional Indian culture.

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