Andhra Toys

Toys and dolls are an integral part of the culture and general psyche of Andhra Pradesh, India. Handmade toys and dolls in various shapes and sizes are probably the best presents for children as well as unique home décor items.laying with these handmade toys and collectible dolls, the Indian child learns his first lessons of survival and conduct. Replicating both the tangible and fantasy worlds, the toys and dolls map the socio-cultural history of any given society, and Andhra toys are no exception to this.

Kondapalli in Andhra Pradesh is known for beautiful wooden toys. Toys in the shape of birds, animals, mythological characters, models of fruits and vegetables etc are chiseled out of locally available wood. Nirmal, a village in Andhra Pradesh, is yet another toy making center. Andhra Pradesh is also known for leather puppets. These are generally mythological figures, and some of them are about five feet tall and use vegetable dyes.Etikoppaka is a place near Vizag where wooden toys are made in great variety.

Lacquer in delicate shades is applied on wood and designs are hand painted with vegetable dyes on these wooden dolls. The dolls are often studded with beads, glass, stones and mirrors.

Another specialty of the Andhra toy tradition is the papier mache dancing dolls. Be it a Kathakali Dancer doll or a Kuchipuddi dancer doll - they are just fascinating in their perfection and grace.The Tirupati dolls of Tiruchanur village near Tirupati are fashioned from red sandalwood and reproduce various Hindu deities' statues.

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